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Frequently Asked Questions, and How to Prepare For Your Appointment

Q: How frequently should I be getting facials done?

Facials are recommended on a 4-6 week basis to maintain your skin, for things like chemical peels you may need to come in more frequently

Q: How do I prepare for a lash appointment?

To prepare for any lash appointment it is recommended you shower before hand as most lash services require you not to shower for 24hr. It's greatly appreciated that you come in with all makeup removed to save time in your appointment with me not having to remove any makeup. I understand some people come after work and don't have time to remove makeup so it is not required, I understand!

Q: Can I purchase skincare you used on me during my facial?

Yes, all products outside of my professional only peels and enzymes may be purchased from me and directly shipped to your home if you are a New Hampshire resident.

At the moment I don't carry skincare to purchase at my studio to guarantee freshness of product. Please let me know if you'd like to purchase Image products and if you'd like them sent to your home or to my studio.

Q: Why do I need to put a card on file to book with you?

I require a card on file for all clients booking with me. This is to prevent last minute cancellations or no-shows. As a business owner I do not receive an hourly pay, and when there are cancellations, or no shows I am left on not making an income.

I will never charge your card without your knowledge, nor can I ever see your card information besides the last 4 digits. Your information is safe and will never be shared.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

Sending me a text, or messaging me on Facebook/Instagram is the fastest way you'll hear back from me. Answering phone calls is very difficult throughout the week as I am with clients.

Q: What's the difference between eyebrow tint, and henna?

The biggest difference between the two is that henna stains/dyes your skin which is perfect for someone that has very sparse eyebrows or any gaps without hair they'd like filled in. Eyebrow tint gives a more subtle coloring to the eyebrows whereas henna gives bolder brow coloring. Henna is also superior rather than tint for its grey hair coverage.

Q: Will my hair grow back thicker and darker after dermaplaning?

No, your hair composition cannot be changed. The myth around hair growth changing with dermaplaning is based on the feeling of your hair growing back with a blunt edge, our hair when shaved is cut down to a blunt edge; which can feel thicker than our growth post- waxing. This only lasts about a week before the hair returns back to a fine tip - also around the same time you're due for another round of dermaplaning! (4-6 weeks)

Q: Will a facial make me breakout?

Some people may experience small breakouts after a facial. These are very superficial and should be left untouched as they will heal on their own within just a few days.

These breakouts or "purging" is caused by advanced exfoliation used during a professional facial, which speeds up our cellular turnover. It's actually typically a good thing to experience minor post-facial breakouts, as they were already below the surface level of our skin, and a facial sped up the healing process.

Another thing people don't realize is causing post-facial breakouts, is touching our faces more after recieving a facial. Our skin feels oh so soft and smooth... BUT no touching!! Your hands and fingers are full of bacteria that causes breakouts.

Q: How do I know which facial is right for me?

By booking a consultation with me, or messaging me! I'm more than happy to chat with you to find out which facial is best for your skin type, and goals!

Book a consult online for in-person or over the phone, or message me to chat.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

I take card, cash, check & Venmo!

I cannot guarantee change for bills as I try not to keep much cash on me.