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Lash Services at Skyn Beauty Studio

Lash Lift & Tint  $75

Lash lifts are an enhancement of your natural eyelashes. Using an eye safe perming solution, your lashes are curled and lifted to your desired results.

With a lift you will no longer have to use a lash curler prior to applying mascara, as well as spending so much time separating stubborn lashes. A lift perfectly curls and separates your lashes, paired with  a tint to darken your lashes giving you more full, and noticeable lashes.

Lash Tint  $20

Lash tinting is another way to enhance your natural lashes, using a vegetable based dye safe for eyelashes. This service darkens your lashes giving you more full, and noticeable lashes. Tinting is a perfect addition to a lift;  say goodbye to your mascara! (But you're still able to wear mascara if you'd like!)

Here at Skyn Beauty Studio a complementary deep conditioning treatment is added into every lash tint application, ensuring healthy and strong lashes.

Classic Lash Extensions  $140 Full Sets / Fills start at $35

Classic lash extensions are great for individuals  looking for a 'natural, or mascara' look. Classic lashes consists of one lash extension to one natural lash. This style  can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have.

Volume Lash Extensions *Not currently offering Volume Extensions 

Perfect for clients who want more of a fuller lash look without it being overly dense.  Lash fans of 3-6D are used to achieve these looks. ⁣⁣Creates a fluffy, fuller look than classic or hybrid.

Hybrid Lash Extensions  $175 Full Set / Fills start at $50
*Not currently offering Volume 

Hybrid lash extensions are  a mixed set of Classic and Volume lashes. Normally 50% Classic and 50% Volume. Hybrid gives the definition of Classic with the added fullness of Volume, creating a more textured full set.

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*All initial full sets include a complementary aftercare kit for your lash extensions.*
You must have at least 40% of lash extensions remaining come time your fill appointment for it to not be considered a full set.

*Something to consider when deciding between a Lift or Extensions is the difference between upkeep and maintenance. 

Lash lifts typically last anywhere between 6-10 weeks before having to get them lifted again.

Lash extensions require you to come in for fills every 2-3 weeks.